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With the growing prevalence of smartphones, the mobile web is quickly becoming the new "must have" medium. In this mobile era, consumers have come to expect and demand that information and services are available to them "on the go".

Companies are waking up to the fact that their presence in this medium is essential to their competitiveness.

We at Memotech have the expertise to help you compete in this digital space. We are focused on all aspects of the mobile web, with expertise in mobile application development for smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as website development for mobile platforms.

Our driving passion is for quality design, and quality applications. We've worked for or with some of the most significant businesses in the world, devising and creating applications used by tens of thousands around the globe.



"Apps" are the next frontier of development. As apps have or are becoming the "I need a webpage" of the 21st century, companies are racing to get their own application, and we're very well placed to help with that.

Whether you need a more efficient way to display content, or an easier platform for your customers to login and view their information or make some banking transactions, mobile applications are the way to go.

We've spent the better part of 10 years working within the mobile sector, developing everything from content solutions to banking and finance applications for platforms such as iPhone and Blackberry to name a few.




The internet has become a major center for business. Your presence on the internet has never been more important, and the mobile web is no different.

When it comes to website design, we believe that your brand is central, the most critical piece of your communication strategy. Everything you do as a company should be an extension of your brand.

We strive to understand your brand, and create an online experience that fully captures and communicates your identity to your visitors and inspires them to connect with you.

We can help you in establishing your mobile website and ensuring that your site is intuitive, efficient and effective.


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